DJPOWER V-1 Spark Machine

DJPOWER V-1 Spark Machine


We have for hire in Sydney the DJPOWER V-1 Spark Machine for events, ceremonies, and performances.


Users can create impressive and traditional looking pyrotechnic effects using the DJPOWER V-1 Spark Machine. Unlike traditional ones, this particular spark machine produces cold sparks. It does not use any flammable materials or substances. Therefore, it is harmless and one can practically operate it anywhere even without necessary permits.

This spark machine can spray spark fountains of up to 5 meters high and this can be varied to different sequences for added entertainment. The sequences can have varied height, duration, and one can even make it look like dancing sparks. These variations can be controlled using the built-in LCD controls or the additional DMX control.

We offer both dry hire and full production service if required. We aim to provide the best service in the metro Sydney area with our own transport, experienced technicians, and operators. We charge you only on the days the equipment is in use and not on days they are merely being transported, setup/bumped out. For multiple-day hire, our hire rate is also very competitive.

Additional information

Power Consumption

700 W

Heat Up Time

< 3 min

Tank Capacity

200 g


LCD control, DMX-512


Spark Seed PRO-K