Event LED Screen Hire & Production Sydney

With almost every corporate event, when it is time to enhance engagements of target customers and audience, there isn’t any better solution than a Sydney LED screen hire. Highlight Entertainment now provides Gloshine Wpix Indoor P3.91 cabinets, and Gloshine Lpix 4.81 Outdoor IP65 screen cabinets. Our veteran video technicians and vision experts will transform your concept into reality and ensure your messages are seen on these crystal-clear screens. 

Highlight Entertainment Offers the Best Sydney LED Screen Hire Services

LED Screen Sydney Townhall

Highlight Entertainment can provide customized screen sizes with different configurations to suit the need of various unique events. 

For an award night, conference or gala dinner, Sydney LED screen hire can help ensure a great stage backdrop creating an immersive and unique visual experience for your audience. 

Using state of the art vision technology such as Novastar, Arkaos Mediamaster Pro and Resolume Arena, our visual team can create a professional and impressive visual backdrop for your corporate event that keeps your audience engaged from the very beginning. Expertise in video screen technology allows us to fully explore the flexibility of LED screens for endless creativity to achieve the best brand promotion outcome for our clients. 

LED Screen Hire with Crew Members

Implementing a concept requires capable hands with experience and qualification in certain fields. Our designed structures are engineer certified and erected by licensed entertainment riggers. Attention to details and refusing to save cost on construction is the ground stone of our business philosophy. 

Depending on the need of each event, we can have our screens to be either ground supported, or flown over trusses overhead. We have both indoor and outdoor high definition corporate event LED screen hire in our possession for clients’ events wherever they are in Sydney.  

Outdoor LED screen is the only visual display product that requires no protection from rain fall, dusk and UV damages. Our high brightness P4.81 screen cabinets will produce vivid, attention grabbing graphics even on a scorching Australian summer day.  

Installing Corporate Event LED Screen

Rigging outdoor Sydney LED screen hire has its unique challenges, as a large amount of trussing, chain motors and technical knowledge are involved to ensure safety of personnel and equipment. 

Our production team will perform a detailed site visit, design and draft the structure for engineering certification. All trussing and rigging equipment’s are TUV certified and the rigging work is performed by licensed specialists.

The result is a large display keeping the audience far but around, and also, interestingly engaged throughout the event. Highlight Entertainment’s experienced vision team will ensure the big screen’s full potential is explored, in giving your audience an impressive and one of a kind visual experience. This will also help promote your company’s image.