We have listed below some freqently asked questions by our customers regarding our services and policies. Please feel free to contact us if you can not find an answer to your question here. 

Q: I am an event planner, what is the best way to get a quote from you?

A: No problem. Please email us at [email protected] with below information so that we can come back to you with a draft qoute or we may request for more information. You are welcome to give us a call on 02 91886802 if you prefer to have a chat over the phone.

  1. Date of event with event rundown
  2. Services and Equipment Required
  3. Location of the event with floor plan and loading dock information attached if you have them

Q: I am a school/church and we need to dry hire some equipment from your company. Where should I start?

A:Thank you. The easiest way for send us a dry hire requst is add all the equpment you are interested in to your online enquiry. You can do this by browsing to the equipment page and click “add to enquiry”. It is like a checkout system when you place order online to buy something but in this case you are only submitting a form with informations including list of equipment required, dates of hire as well as your contact details. You can browse our hire categories via the Hire menu on our home page. 

Otherwise you are welcome to call or email us to discuss your dry hire need. 

Q: Can you let me know your areas of expertise in terms of Technical Production Services

A: Thanks for asking. Our key area of competence include event and concert Lighting,  Audio, Staging and Vision using LED screens.  

We have a relatively larger lighting inventory compared to our industry peers of similar sizes with a total of 90+ professional level moving heads fixtures and 100+ other lighting fixtures in our hire inventory. We have Avolites Tiger Touch II, and Oynx NX2 consoles and our operators are very proficent at these and other consoles. We are able to supply lighting equipment with technical production service for concerts at venues with 2000+ seats and have worked at such venues including Plenary MCEC Melb, Hordern Pavilion, Enmore Theatres, etc. 

Our audio inventory is on par with many other production companies with 20+ speakers and about 20 different types of Shure wired and wireless mics. Our audio operators are JMC or SAE graduate and with 3-5 years of work experience in live audio productions.

We currently stock approx. 130sqm of stage deck with stairs and skirtings, and 25sqm of indoor Gloshine P3.91 LED rental screens.

Our service technicians and operators knows our equipment very well.

Q: What areas can you cover?

A: We are based in Sydney and can cover metro sydney area without any problem.  We have also travelled to Newcastle, ACT and Mebourne for a few jobs last year and we expect to do more in the future.

Q: Do you offer stage design service and present your concept with 3D visual?

A: Yes. We have in house staff that are proficient with 3D visualisers including MA 3D and Wysiwyg. We can visualise how the space is transformed and present it to you with great details. Lighting designs can be incorporated in this visual presentation and any changes requested can be updated quickly until you are satisfied with the outcome.  

Q: If your equipment is with us for 5 days but we only use it for 1 day, how many days are we charged?

We are glad that you asked. We only charge you on the days they are in use. It often happens that the equipment are required to be installed for a week or 2 but not used everyday. Or a dry hire customer may need to pickup equipment from us days ahead for logistic reasons. We do need to agree on these before the hire occurs though.

Q: If we hire your equipment for 3 days, do you charge 3x day rate?

A: No. We only charge 33.3% extra from second day if it is a multiple day hire.

Q: Do you have public liabilty insurance?

A: Sure. We are also CM3 certified. If you need to obtain a copy of these certificate please email us.

Q: Are your equipment tested and tagged?

A: Yes. We test them in house and our Test and Tag certificate number is TT24066.