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A successful event requires an outstanding customer service, communication, attention to details, technical expertise.

Highlight Entertainment & Productions are all ears when listening to client requirements and expectations. We ask ourselves how we can achieve the result and what are the technical difficulties that we need to overcome. We present you with a version of our concept based on your vision and ensure you understand all aspects of this production as an event organizer.

Highlight has a team of lighting, laser technicians as well as entertainment riggers to ensure each event and production is planned jointly as a team. All aspects of the event are checked, discussed, and understand by team members to provide the best coordination between teams going into bump in.

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Produce high quality events and add value to customer’s branding and marketing compaign.

  • Communication
  • Design and Sourcing Capability
  • Technical Expertise
  • Attention to Details
  • Safety First Mindset
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Meet Our Team

Alan S.

Alan has spent the past 10 years working in the entertainment lighting industry. He is a licensed rigger and a lighting operator. Alan is responsible for managing our Auburn office and warehouse.

Derek L.

Derek is a recording engineer graduated from SAE. He has years of experience in production audio and lighting. Derek is responsible for managing our Burwood office.

Howard K.

Howard holds a degree from JMC and his strength does not stop at audio either. He is a experienced video technician and VJ. Howard also is our chief laser operator.

Hansen H.

Hansen is our veteran service technician with more than 20 years experiece in electronics. He works both from workshop as well as onsite to ensure our equipment is adequently maintained and performs as expected during shows/events.

Yao Z.

Yao is our operations manager responsible for managing the logistic and personnel side of job to ensure the right crew members are working with the right equipment.

Tiny Z.

Tiny is our chief stylist and client relationship manager. Tiny's strength lies in her creativity and great customer communication skills.