DJPOWER DSK1500 Vertical Coloured Fog Machine
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DJPOWER DSK1500 Vertical Coloured Fog Machine


We have for hire in Sydney the DJPOWER DSK1500 Vertical Fog Machine for events, ceremonies and performances. The fog machine comes with all the necessary accessories, except the liquid.


The DJPOWER DSK1500 is an ideal vertical fog machine for users that are seeking to create a whole new level of drama and effects in their venue or performance. With this machine, one can experience pyrotechnic-like effects from powerful vertical blasts that can reach up to 8 meters high. These vertical blasts are made from safe water-based fog or haze that are simultaneously illuminated by 21x high-powered (3W) LEDs.

This fog machine gives users the advantage of anti-squirting and immediate-stop technology.  Its several control and mounting options also make it very flexible and convenient to use. The unit can be controlled using the digital display, wirelessly, and by DMX. It can be also hung on a wall or placed on the floor.

Bringing this fog machine to your next gig will increase the intensity and quality of your performance!

For best results, to be used with the MLB Haze Liquid/Fluid 5L Bottle.

We offer both dry hire and full production service if required. Send us an enquiry with all the products you desire and we will come back to you with a quote or to discuss the details of your production needs. Highlight aims to provide the best service in the metro Sydney area with its own transport, experienced technicians, and operators. We only charge you for the days the equipment is in use and not for days they are merely being transported, setup/bumped out. For multiple-day hire, our hire rate is also very competitive.

Additional information

Power Consumption

1,500 W

Pre-Heating Time

4 mins

Fluid Consumption

160.0 mL/min

Tank Capacity

2.5 L


475 × 314 × 205 mm

Net Weight

9.6 kg


on-device manual, wireless, DMX