BRFO 1940G 19*40W Led Moving Head Wash Light


Hire this medium weight automated LED wash fixture, with 10:1 zoom, 4 grouped pixels and a lot of punch being a 19X40W unit

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Looking to hire some LED wash moving heads for your next lighting production? Consider this 19x40W RGBW mover from BRFO.

Powered by 19 of CREE 40W RGB LEDs the 1940G still punches out 1280lux at 5 meters when zoomed out all the way to 60 degrees. For comparison,  the Robe Spiider scored 1250 at 5 meters with a 50-degree beam angle, while Chauvet Professional’s Rogue R2X, being a 19X25W fixture, does not measure up with 840lux at 5 meters, it also has a narrower zoom range of 12-49 instead of 6-60. The 1940G wash light can produce accurate color mixing thanks to the advanced color calibration system employed by BRFO.  The 1940G moving wash light features smooth and fast zoom from 6-60 degrees while producing an evenly illuminated spot.

For lighting productions such as musicals and conferences, fixture noise from moving heads can be an issue at times when performers/speakers on stage are talking quietly.  Given its 800W power consumption, this wash mover produces considerably low noise than what one would expect. 3-Phrase motors are used to reduce pan/tilt noise while achieving high speed and point-and-hit accuracy. The high-voltage low-speed cooling system is another reason why this moving head is quiet while working. The cooling system monitors fixture ambient temperature and regulate fan speed accordingly to further reduce the noise level, with the added benefit of a longer life cycle of cooling fans and lower power consumption. As a result, the 1940G automated wash light generates a bare 54.18dB at 1-meter distance.

Although not individually pixel-mappable, these 19 LEDs are grouped into 4 pixels forming circles,  allowing ring-shaped pixel effects to be programmed. Built-in macros of accurately calibrated colors and pixel effects will greatly improve programming efficiency for lighting designers on the run. This wash light offers you 4 DMX modes to suit your different needs at different lighting shows.

Is this moving head too big for what you need? We have XMLite Matrix3 which is a compact little led wash mover featuring pixel-mappable LEDs and indefinite pan and tilt suitable for small shows. Or if you prefer bigger lamp-based wash moving light we have ACME XP1200 featuring a 1200W Philip Gold Fastfit lamp and CMY color mixing system.