ACME Xperior XP-1200WZ 1200W Wash Moving Head 1
ACME Xperior XP-1200WZ 2
ACME Xperior XP-1200WZ 1

ACME Xperior XP-1200WZ 1200W Wash Moving Head with CMY


The XP-1200WZ is an exceptionally powerful moving wash with soft, clean, and even field. Comes with a rich CMY color mixing system, variable CTO, 2 color wheels, a motorized zoom of 12-45 degrees, and a combined dimmer/shutter design, it is ideal for TV Studios, theaters,  and other big venues.


Powerful automated wash lights are widely used for theatrical plays, large scale musicals, high end corporate conferences and product launches at large venues.

The ACME Xperior XP-1200WZ features a Philips MSR Gold 1200 FastFit Lamp, CMY color mixing system, Dual color wheels with 14 color pallets, 12-45 degree zoom, 0-100% linear CTO.

You might be looking to hire some LED wash lights such as Martin Mac Viper Wash or Clay Paky B-EYE K20. It’s true that LEDs can produce colors with much more color saturation (deeper, richer, darker) than discharge lamps with CMY filters. On the flip side, LED’s have a harder time creating as good of a white light and most of them just aren’t as bright as the 1200W or 1500W moving heads like this XP1200 Wash. The ACME Xperior XP1200WZ achieves 3200lux @45 degree beam angle at 10 meters.

The MSR Gold 1200 Fastfit new design lamp allows the Xperior 1200 to beat the once widely hired industry legend Martin Mac 2000 Wash hands down in lumen output. In Sydney, Mac 2000s are still owned by many top lighting hire companies.

Xperior 1200’s linear CTO is also a much desired feature for professional lighting designers. Most LED wash lights, including B-eye K20 and Mac Viper Wash, does not have this feature, nor does the Mac 2000.

If you are to rig some large wash lights at a venue like Sydney showground at Olympic Park you won’t be disappointed by this power house wash light by ACME.

Highlight Entertainment stocks 12 of these wash moving lights for dry hire or hire with production services in Sydney. Our fellow production companies can cross hire from us with trade discount. Full production service from our expert technicians and friendly crew is also available if you are an event organizer or client organizing your own event. We offer very competitive rates for multiple day hire and long term rental. We only charge you for the days that the item is being used and not for the transportation/setup dates.


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