Australian Financial News 2019 Forum @ Hilton Sydney

Australian Financial News 2019 Forum @ Hilton Sydney

This year’s annual Australian Financial News took place in the Hilton Hotel, in Sydney. We are very grateful that we were chosen to manage sound to this event. 

The speakers that we placed next to the stage, facing the crowd, were 2x JBL PRX715 15″ Two-Way Powered Speakers, as they offer the perfect balance between size and performance. The PRX715 truly is an exception; it’s small, lightweight, versatile and powerful.

As microphones, we utilised 3x Sennheiser XSW2-835 Wireless Microphone Systems. The Sennheiser XSW2-835 is the most requested microphone for hire at Highlight Entertainment due to its superb sound quality, easy setup, outstanding reliability and the capability to go wireless on almost every occasion.

Additionally, as a mixer we used a Soundcraft Si Impact 32CH Digital Mixer to control the audio of the happening. We chose this device as it brings the latest digital mix innovations together with the unrivaled sound quality of Soundcraft. The Si Impact 32CH is designed to be as simple as an analog mixer, but offer radical workflow enhancements such as the unique FaderGlow™ system, massive DSP power, and a pristine 32-in/32-out USB audio interface.

Lastly, for a lectern we used the classic, yet top-notch AL2000 Senator. This lectern comes with a unique lift and lock top that gives it complete flexibility allowing it to be transported from one place to another very easily, plus it features a few accessories including a laptop and an equipment shelf.

All the necessary accessories including XLR cables and piggy bank extension leads were provided by us for free.