Terbly G12 CMY Hybrid Moving Head
Terbly G12 CMY Hybrid Moving Head 1
Terbly G12 CMY Hybrid Moving Head 3
Terbly G12 CMY Hybrid Moving Head 2

Terbly G12 20R 470W Hybrid Moving Head


Terbly G12, also know as Elation Lighting Platinum FLX, is a PLASA 2015 award for Inovation winning 470W hybrid moving head.

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“Unique in the industry, the Platinum FLX’s patent-pending dual optical system gives it clear advantages over traditional hybrid systems – a uniform and brighter Spot field (3° to 32°), a narrower beam angle and brighter central point in Beam mode (1.8° – 18°), and a higher-quality flat field Wash effect (6.0° to 42°) with an intelligent optical system that can switch between modes quickly and accurately. ”

G12 features 2 rotating prisms (8 facet circular, linear beam shaper), 0-100% linear dimming and frost. Its integrated advanced motion system produces quiet, fast and smooth movement.

G12 is equipped with PHILIPS Platinum 20R (470W) lamp, which offers a colour temperature of 8000K and 1500hrs of lamp life. G12 Beam/Spot/Wash hybrid is loaded with 2 gobo wheels, one rotating (8 interchangeable + open) and 1 static gobo (6 indexable + open) as well as an animation wheel for flame and water effect.

G12 is a fierce competitor to Robe’s MegaPointe  both offering crystal clear image projection with sharp contrast and very flat field. MegaPointe gets the upper hand with a better zoom range of 3-42 and also a beam shaper emulating framing shutters. When comparing G12 with Clay Paky’s Mythos 2, you will find G12 is brighter thanks to its 470w lamp. G12 also features a linear CTO while Mythos 2 does not. Both has animation wheel and Mythos does has a a better zoom range of 1:12 while G12 is at 1:11.

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Additional information

Light Source

PHILIPS Platinum 20R (470W)


Pan: 540° (16 bit)/(630° optional)
Tilt: 270°


CMY color mixing
CTO linear 2700K – 8000K
1 Color wheel: 10 dichroic filters + open


1 Rotating gobo wheel: 8 interchangeable + open
1 Static gobo wheel: 6 indexable+animation wheel + open


2 Rotating prisms: 8 facet circular, linear beam shaper


Mechanical, variable from 1-25Hz or random


0-100% linear dimming




Beam mode: 0-23°
Spot mode 3-32°


3 channel modes: 26/24/37 channels


AC100-240V, 50/60Hz


91.5 x 60 x 46cm (packed)

Net Weight