KKM AD Stage Deck Setup on Uneven Ground Condition

KKM AD Stage Deck Setup on Uneven Ground Condition

Highlight stocks 4X8Ft KKM AD Stages with adjustable and removable legs for dry hire in Sydney.

This photo shows 2 pieces of 2.44×1.22m stage deck setup in front of Dixon Center at Chinatown Sydney. The ground is not level but that is not a problem with these AD stage decks as their legs come in 600-1000mm adjustable with a jack at the bottom for the very fine tuning of stage height.

This features makes AD stage panel very useful for outdoor and indoor hire or long term rental where ground condition is complicated, or if a creative stage setup is required.

Apart from that the AD stage decks are built for heavy duty use with manufacturer rated SSL of 500Kg/sqm for the 4x8ft size, and 750Kg/sqm for its half sized 4x4ft cousin. The two different sizes can work together as their tongue and groove locking system is compatible.

When hiring stage decks please have below information available for us to quote:

  1. Use the width and depth of finished stage area to work out how many pieces of 4x8Ft (1.22×2.44M) or 4x4Ft (1.22×1.22m) decks are required. You can hand sketch and work out the layout.
  2. Decide on the required height of stage. We have 300-500mm, and 600-1000mm adjustable legs
  3. Decide on the number of stairs required. The KKM AD stairs works perfectly with the decks sharing the same tongue and groove design.
  4. Work out the number of skirtings required. The skirtings we stock are 2.44m long by 1m high. In most cases you need skirting on front and two sides of the stage.
  5. Date of use, date of pickup and return. We charge only on the days these are used.
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