Alibaba Expo 2019 Audio and Stage Production

Alibaba Expo 2019 Audio and Stage Production

The Alibaba Expo 2019 took place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre between the 29th – 31st of August 2019.

Highlight Entertainment provided staging and audio production service for this event. The main stage is 14.4X4.8M in size with 2 stairs on each end. 

The event includes 2 days of seminars and presentations at 2 different rooms with a jazz band performance at the end of the day.   8 powered JBL speakers and 10 of Skytone Vera line array speakers were used between the 2 rooms. The audio gear list also includes 8 handheld wireless mic (both Sennheiser and Shure), half a dozen of SM57s for the jazz band and 2 Soundcraft Si impact consoles.

In addition, a few of our top notch digital Amplifiers were chosen as they provide an exquisite and smooth sound at any live occasion.

These amplifiers, pair greatly with our Active & Passive Speakers and Subwoofers, which possess an extremely cutting-edge technology and are crafted from premium quality components.

Lastly,  Shure Antennas & Distributors were hired for this event to create the perfect audio, without unwanted noises.