XMLite FS330 330W Discharge Follow Spot Motorized Control pic 1
XMLite FS330 330W Discharge Follow Spot Motorized Control pic 1
XMLITE FS330 15R Follow
XMLITE FS330 15R Follow 1
XMLITE FS330 15R Follow 2

XMLITE FS330 330W Follow Spot w/ Motorised Control


The XMlite FS330 Follow Spot is available for hire in Sydney. Amazing features like a built-in colour wheel, a separate colour temperature wheel with a 5-color temperature filter from 3200K to 6500K are simply irresistible.


With the XMLITE FS330 you can easily zoom in and out without a knob and even drop/lift a colour gel at the front. It is equipped with a 350W YODN 15R discharge lamp with 4200lm output that produces a much brighter light than some 2500W follow spots. It is ideal for mid-sized venues such as school halls, theatre auditoriums and club venues with up to 2000 seats. The FS330 is 918cm long and weighs 26Kg. This hire comes with a stylish and sturdy tripod with chrome finish, and a heavy duty road case.

This follow spotlight can be hired for your medium sized events on a very attractive rate by Highlight. It can be hired for one single or multiple days, on reasonable prices. No charge for transportation or set up is required. We charge for the days that the item is being used only.

Additional information

Power Consumption


Light Source

YODN 15R 350W

Color Wheel

5 color+white

Color Temperature



5-10 degree focus


918 x 348 x 314mm


Machine 26KG, Stand 6KG