elation cuepix matrix panel
PHANTOS 36X3W RGBA Pixel 6X6 Matrix Panel
PHANTOS 36X3W RGBA Pixel 6X6 Matrix Panel 1

PHANTOS 36X3W Amber Pixel 6X6 Matrix Panel



The PHANTOS 36X3W Amber Pixel 6X6 Matrix Panel is equipped with 36 extremely effective, very narrow 4° lenses, in combination with powerful and reliable CREE 3W Amber leds. This results in an exceptionally powerful “narrow beam” 6×6 Matrix effect projector that turns even the biggest concerts and TV shows into an amazing spectacle! Light engineers will be amazed by the endless possibilities and ease of use to create astonishing light shows. This device is a vast internal effects library, containing letters, numbers, chases!

It features:
• 4 different DMX channel modes for different applications and different level of user.

• Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows.

• Silent operation, thanks to natural convection.

• The internal shows work in standalone, master/slave or can be selected by DMX:
static colors, fading colors, different static chases, different sound activated chases.

•High efficiency and low power consumption!

This lighting fixture is a great alternative to the Elation CUEPIX Matrix Panel and the ADJ 25X3W Matrix Beam!

Highlight Entertainment offers this LED strobe for dry hire or hire with production services in Sydney, depending on your needs. We offer very competitive price for both single day hire and multiple day hire. We only charge you for the days that the item is being used.


Additional information

Power Consumption


Light Source

144pcs 3in1 SMD5050,
36pcs CREE 3W Warm White LEDS

Beam Angle


DMX Channels: 10/45/146/468 (User Selectable)
Operating Modes: DMX 512, Art-Net, Kling-Net, RDM, Sound, M&S