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Pangolin Beyond Ultimate License (Laser Shows)


Beyond is a premium laser show design software created for lighting professionals. Highlight Entertainment offers the Pangolin Beyond Ultimate License for hire.


Pangolin Beyond is a top professional laser show design software designed for light professionals, and it is used to create very high-quality effects and laser shows at whatever event you might have. We provide the Pangolin Beyond Ultimate License for hire. Also, note that this software license is embedded in FB4DMX hardware, and you’ll also need to hire the hardware when you order for this license.

Beyond makes it very easy to integrate laser designs into any multimedia design. By using Beyond, you’re offered a premium suite of tools to design any laser show display you can imagine, and it allows you the ability to control your content anyway fully you desire (from a MIDI device, over time code, from a lighting console, PC, or in combination with other multimedia elements).

As the entertainment and laser industries continuously evolve, as a professional laserist, you need a premium control platform that will ensure you are successful. By hiring our beyond license, you’re sorting that need already. The Beyond software features a wide variety of latest technologies that aren’t found in other laser control software. Some of these technologies are 3D animation, a proper multimedia timeline for control of video and laser, and also a drawing program.

You, as a professional laserist should already know about this program. And if you don’t? The program possesses expanded versions of the popular QuickFX and QuickTools, so it gives you more premium effect options to work with when you’re designing your shows. This program takes ‘live” laser to another dimension, with professional DMX and DMI mapping options, that ensures you create custom profiles for your consoles.

Beyond is also used to create the highest quality laser effects and shows around the world. You can hire our Pangolin Beyond Ultimate License and kick start your laser designs for your event, and more interesting? Highlight Entertainment offers competitive prices that is almost any price you can get.