MAGNIMAGE LED-750H Video Processor

MAGNIMAGE LED-750HS Video Processor


The MAGNIMAGE LED-750HS is a 4K x 1K/60Hz video processor with top performance for greater visual production, specifically for LED walls. With EDID and customisable output control, it delivers high-quality pixel-to-pixel display via its user-friendly interface. It is an excellent option for multimedia halls, multi-purpose rooms, theatres, studios and showrooms. It supports all kinds of input ports, plus it beats competitors in terms of loading capacity and broadband utilizing rate (The up-processes width is 7680, and refresh rate reaches up to 120Hz). In addition, 16 selective built-in resolutions allow the user to scale and match the real size of LED walls. Input ports include DVI*2, HDMI*2, DP*1(4K) and SDI*1. For extended input, user can choose 2 ports from VGA/ DVI/ SDI(SDI*1) or 4K input DP1.1 / HDMI 1.4. This device accepts network linking, USB linking or RS232 linking for various control requirements.

Highlight welcomes dry hire and production enquiries from Sydney local and interstate customers. We only charge our clients for the days that the MAGNIMAGE LED-750Hs is in use and our multiple day hire rate is very competitive.

Additional information

Input Power Supply

100-240V AC~50/60Hz 0.8A

Working Temperature


Overall Dimensions

482.6×452×66.75 mm (L × W × H)

Net Weight


Overall Power Dissipation