Wedding Reception Lighting Design

“An impeccably lit room reinvents the space, making it yours and yours alone for the time that you’re in it. So, as you fastidiously devote your attention to every facet of your wedding, be sure not to neglect the luminescent aspect. As you and your guests bask in your perfectly ambient glow, you’ll be so glad you did.”

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding, reception lighting should be considered at the very initial stage of the planning process. The venue you choose may limit what you can do with lighting on your most important day. The elements that should be taken into consideration include ceiling height, load capacity of & access to overhead structures, type of facet, etc. 

Our lighting designers can help, by accessing the space, exploring options of placement and dressing (covering the equipment), and also investigating different ways of suspension of overhead trusses. Reception lighting is certainly a technical element, but it is also a design element. Our experienced lighting designers, with their aesthetic eye, can help to unravel the full potential of the area and lighting equipment.


Uplighting or mood lighting is the most popular and first thing to consider when planning your reception lighting. It can completely change the room of your wedding reception space, enhance your flora and decor, and create a romantic feel . 

The best wash lighting is done from above so that the fixtures are out of sight while having extra throw distance to produce an even wash like the one to the right. 


Spot lighting provides the much needed contract within a romantic background and guides your guests attention to the beautiful flora on each of their tables, the reception table, centerpiece, and dance floor. 

Spot lighting fixtures rigged overhead will offer to the wedding stylist the most flexibility and freedom to light up certain areas without splitting the lights to other spaces. 

Patterns projected to ceiling, facets, walls and floors add another layer of element to the place. These patterns can be customised to match the theme of the day. There can be multiple projectors showing the same pattern, covering the entire surface while overlapping each other, or even the bride’s and groom’s initials can be projected onto a reception wall. 

Highlight Entertainment has a team of lighting designers and technicians who can help transform your reception venue with lighting. With more than a decade of experience working at many reception halls in Sydney, we understand how lighting works with the other aspects in the room and know how to achieve the full potential of your reception area using a variety of lighting equipment. 

We can also cover other technical elements of your wedding, including FX, audio, LED screen and projector mapping.

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