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XMLITE HOTBEAM280 280W 10R Hybrid Moving Head


The HotBeam 10R 280W Hybrid is a new powerful and lightweight compact moving head for use at small events and fixed installations such as clubs and theatres so, that more high-performance and expensive versions, suitable for other types of uses, are not needed.

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The XMLITE HOTBEAM280 is a 3-in-1 Beam/Spot/Wash Moving Head. After the much loved Sharpy Style 5R, this 10R is not just a brighter beam head, its unique features include:

  1. 2.5-20 degree beam angle zoom with focus, meaning within a defined distance you are able to change the size of the projected gobo image. Did you have all 5,10,15-30 degrees ellipsoidal beams, where each costs 700 dollars? For many customers this one moving head can replace these spot lights.
  2. New OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 280 light source with yield and performance typical of projectors with Platinum or HRI lamps of higher rated power.
  3. It comes with a second gobo wheel that holds changeable, self rotating gobos. Meaning you can make custom gobos and slide into its gobo wheel and use it as a gobo projector.
  4. It, also, features a 6 facet linear prism, and an 8 facet circular prism, which take both in-air effect and image effect to a new level.
  5. UV light via colour wheel.

We currently have stock available for hire in Sydney warehouse. For clients that rent this products for plenty of days we offer competitive prices. Furthermore, we don’t charge for the days our products are being transported.

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Light Source


Beam Angle



13 colors+white

Fixed Gobo

9 gobo+white,changeable

DMX Channels