Terbly V3000P CMY 8–53° Zoom Spot Moving Head
Terbly V3000P CMY 8–53° Zoom Spot Moving Head 1
Terbly V3000P CMY 8–53° Zoom Spot Moving Head 3
Terbly V3000P CMY 8–53° Zoom Spot Moving Head 2

Terbly V3000P 1500W Profile Moving Head


Terbly V3000P is a 1500W profile moving head that features advanced profile system of four independent overlapping framing blades, CMY color mixing and linear CTO. V3000P can be used in a plethora of medium to large venues.

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This cutting-edge professional beam shaper also boasts a 3 facet prism, 0-100% linear dimming and frost, and an astonishing 8° – 53° zoom range (1:7).

Its integrated advanced motion system produces a quiet, fast and smooth pan/tilt movement.

V3000P is equipped with a PHILIPS MSR GOLD 1500 FASTFIT lamp, that has a colour temperature of 6000K and a CRI of 95+ for accurate color rendering demanded by top tier theater lighting designers. It produces a flat field, crisp image with high contrast.

This profile moving head also includes 2 gobo wheels, one rotating (6 interchangeable + open) and 1 static (7 indexable + open), along with a animation wheel.

Other Features

  • Animation wheel: special dynamic flame/water effect
  • Patented profile system: full field travel, different shapes can be created
  • Input signal isolation
  • 0-100% linear frost
  • Auto thermal protection circuit
  • Installed wireless receiver
  • RDM compatible

The Terbly V3000p out performs many well know full feature profile fixtures at least in some aspects. For example, Clay Paky Scenius Profile has a much smaller zoom range 7-48 degrees,  while Alpha Profile 1500 win by a zoom range of 1:9, it has no animation wheel. Martin Mac Viper profile and Quantum Profile are both 1200W level, or equivalent fixtures with smaller zoom range.

Highlight welcomes dry hire and production enquiries from Sydney local and interstate customers. We only charge our clients for the days that the Terbly V3000P is in use and our multiple day hire rate is very competitive.

Additional information

Light Source



Pan: 540° (16 bit)/(630° optional)
Tilt: 270°


CMY color mixing
CTO linear 2700K-6500K
1 Color wheel: 7 dichroic filters +open
30 CMY+CTO+color macros and random CMY


1 Rotating gobo wheel: 6 interchangeable +open
1 Static gobo wheel: 7 indexable + open


3 facet and prism macros


Mechanical, variable from 1-25Hz or random


0-100% linear dimming




8-53° linear zoom


3 channel modes: 39/37/60 channels


AC100-240V, 50/60Hz


75 x 58.5 x 92cm (flightcase)

Net Weight