SUPAGAS Liquid CO2 Withdrawal Cylinder 22Kg
SUPAGAS Liquid CO2 Withdrawal Cylinder 22Kg

SUPAGAS Liquid CO2 Withdrawal Cylinder 22Kg


Liquid CO2 is one of the most versatile gases. SUPAGAS standard Liquid CO2 has high purity with 99.9% grade purity!

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Liquid withdrawal CO2 is required for CO2 jets and guns for stage performances and effects. We can provide booking, delivery and pickup of the gas for you at the event location provided someone is there to meet at the delivery and the pickup. Or, they can all be picked up from and returned to our warehouse. Below is a list of our equipment that require CO2.

DJPOWER X4 Mini RGB LED CO2 Jets (Set of 4)

You have the option to connect either 2 or 4 units of X4 Minis onto 1 x 22Kg CO2 canister. With 4 units sharing one bottle you can fire the jets for approx. 10-15 times each lasting about 2 seconds.  Please keep in mind as the tank pressure goes down your last few shots will gets less powerful. It is recommended to connect only 2 CO2 jets to one CO2 bottle for stronger blasts.

DJPOWER X4 RGB LED CO2 Jets (Set of 2)

We have in stock hosing to connect 2 X4 LED jets to 1 CO2 bottle. This should allow approx. 10-15 strong blasts of steam column of up to 6-8 meters during your event. If you require more frequent blasts we can also provide hosing to connect one CO2 Jet to a single bottle only. A lead time of 4 weeks is required for these to be ordered.

DJPower X5.2 PRO CO2 Gun

You can connect a CO2 canister on this smoke gun. The smoke that is shoots can range from 6 to 8 meters while keeping a low CO2 consumption.

Highlight Entertainment offers the mentioned product for dry hire or hire with production services in Sydney, depending on your needs. You can either rent this product, set it up and use it yourself or get a full production service from our expert technicians and friendly crew. You can even, hire the product for multiple days and get a really competitive price for your great value. We only charge you for the days that the item is being used and not for the transportation/setup dates.

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Water Capacity per Cylinder


Average Weight (Full)


Average Weight (Empty)


Cylinder Pressure

4,500kPa @ 15°C

Outlet Connection AS 2473

Type 30