Soundcraft EFX12 12CH Mixer (with Lexicon FX)
Soundcraft EFX12 12CH Mixer (with Lexicon FX)

Soundcraft EFX12 12CH Mixer (with Lexicon FX)


Soundcraft EFX12 is a simple yet powerful mixing console for small scale live event applications. With a total of 12 channels, EQ on each channel and built-in Lexicon effects, it is a multipurpose mixer in a compact housing.


The Soundcraft EFX12 is a compact 12-channel mixer that is perfect for small scale productions including weddings, small gigs and functions. With its AudioDNA processor featured in many of Lexicon outboard equipment it is able to provide you some of the finest quality effects not usually found in this price range.

It has 12 mono input channels and 2 stereo input channels, with 3-band EQ and an effects send on each channel, providing all kinds of sonic possibilities for your event. The highly-transparent GB30 Mic Preamp further improves its sound quality and reliability.

Highlight offers the EFX12 for dry or full production hire in Sydney, depending on your needs. You can even, hire the product for multiple days and get a really competitive price, plus we only charge you for the days that the item is being used and not for the transportation/setup dates.

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432mm (17.0")


91mm (3.6")


362mm (14.3")


5.8kg (12.8lb)