Cardioid Gooseneck Condenser Microphone

Shure Mx418c Gooseneck Lectern Microphone


Are you in need of hiring a flexible audio microphone for various unique placement applications you might have? The SHURE MX418C has various interesting features like a flange, shock mount, an attached XLR preamp, a mute switch, and other premium features that make it the best choice.

The SHURE MX418C cardioid gooseneck condenser microphone is an industry best microphone that brings an extensive industry upgrade to the world of flexible microphones. The MX418C offers extensive adjustable flexibility through its gooseneck design, possessing the new interchangeable condenser microphone cartridge.  This makes the SHURE MX418C best for use in various applications like courtrooms, houses of worship, and conference centers.

The MX418C is designed for super smooth placement, and it is available in omnidirectional, cardioid, and super-cardioid polar patterns. This Cardioid Gooseneck Condenser microphone interchangeable cartridge provides a vast frequency response and clear sound reproduction for a wide range of applications.   Also, the condenser cartridges can fit all models in the SHURE Microflex product line for improved convenience and consistent sound.

The SHURE Microflex microphone is an 18-inch in height, features a shock mount, attached XLR Preamp, flange mount, mute switch, snap-fit foam windscreen, and LED indicator. Also, this microphone comes with additional premium features like balanced and high sensitivity, transformerless output for top immunity to electromagnetic RF and hum interference, even over very long cable runs.

Highlight Entertainment provides the Shure Mx418c 460mm Cardioid Gooseneck Condenser Microphone for hire. You can use this microphone in your school halls, conference centers, worship centers, etc. You can hire this flexible microphone for whatever length of time you might need it, and at a competitive industry price.



The Shure MX418C gooseneck microphone is a popular lectern mic used for corporate events and is often hired together with a lectern/podium.

MX418C offers great sound quality without much effort from the busy audio technicians. Its Microflex cartridge is focused to capture human voice. Even if the speakers are not talking directly to the mic, it can still pick up the voice clearly and with no feedback. You just have to watch your gain level. The mic is built with Shure Commshield so that it can reject RF interferences from smartphones, etc and keep the focus on the speaker.


“A snap-fit windscreen keeps breath and plosives from being a distraction. While vibration noise gets absorbed by the integrated shock mount. Only speech gets through.”


MX418 also features Dual-flex gooseneck at 460mm long and is ideal for speakers tall and short. Its gooseneck is rigid in the middle while flexible at the bottom and the top section. This makes adjustment of mic during the speech easy, predictable, and noise-free.

Setting up is straight forward with this lectern mic. It comes with standard XLR male socket and is plug and play. Please bear in mind it requires phantom power from audio mixer so make sure your mixer has this feature before hiring this mic.