Shure MX153 Earset Headworn

MX153 Earset Headworn Microphone


Do you need to hire a stress-free Earset Headworn microphone that offers top speaking clarity with no proximity effect? The MX153 Earset Headworn Microphone is the right microphone for you.

Hire the discreet Mx153 Earset Headworn Microphone with top-notch speech clarity and enhanced protection without proximity effect.

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The Shure MX153 is a premium professional subminiature over-the-head earset that comes with CommShield technology to prevent RF interference. This earset provides exceptional speech clarity, making it a top contender to serve at various events, presentations, conferences, houses of worship, etc. Its discreetness makes the Shure MX153 Earset Headworn Microphone ideal for speech and other related applications that requires a low-profile microphone placement.

The MX153 stands out where enhanced gain before feedback over lavalier microphones is needed. Its design ensures maximum comfort is attained, it is so comfortable and stable that the user might forget its placed there in the first place.

The Shure MX153 Earset Headworn Microphone is a single ear-loop microphone that features TQG/TA4F terminated connector that can be directly connected to compatible Shure bodypack transmitters. The ultra-lightweight MX153 features a compact capsule with an omnidirectional polar pattern for high sensitivity and speech clarity at all times.

The CommShield technology integrated with this earset headworn microphone protects the user against interference from digital bodypack transmitters and cellular RF devices. It is reinforced with Kevlar reinforced soft flex cable and, comes with a collar clip for stable placement.

Do you need a discreet microphone for your event, conference, gathering, or whatever event? You can hire the Highlight Entertainment Shure MX153 Earset Headworn for whatever length of duration and be rest assured of premium service.