Gobocraft 60W LED IP65 Gobo Projector


This gobo projector offers high quality optics and it has a very clear and powerful output. It, also, features 4 different beam angles (10°/13.5°/30°/45°).

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The Gobocraft 60W LED IP65 Gobo Projector can be hired by Highlight in Sydney. It offers projection up to 40 meters! It can be performed on the floor, walls, ceiling, and all flat surfaces successfully. This unit has a low power consumption of only 60W, thus a high output and can make your events memorable with a super-sharp bright beam projection.

If you like the American DJ (ADJ) Ikon 60W LED Gobo Projector, you will love the Gobocraft 60W product!

Highlight Entertainment offers the mentioned product for dry hire or hire with production services in Sydney, depending on your needs. You can either rent this product, set it up and use it yourself or get a full production service from our expert technicians and friendly crew. You can even, hire the product for multiple days and get a really competitive price for your great value. We only charge you for the days that the item is being used and not for the transportation/setup dates.

If you need a higher output gobo projector, take a look at our Gobocraft 80W LED IP65 Gobo Projector!

Additional information


110V/220V 50/60Hz

Light Source


Beam Angle


Projection Distance

Max 40M (in dark environment)

Gobo Size

Outer diameter37mm/ image diameter 23mm

IP Rating