The H6 Headset is the lowest profile headset microphone in the world, combining pure sound quality and water-resistance with a comfortable, easily adjustable head-frame. It is ideal for ceremonies, theatrical programs, and even outdoor vocal and speech applications.

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The COUNTRYMAN H6 has a diameter of only 2.5 mm—the size of a No. 2 pencil lead— and as a result, the mic capsule virtually disappears when worn. It has an extra strong build that is ready for extreme and demanding environments. It, also, features a sweat-resistant connector; the mic detaches from the cable using a new connector with a tight seal against moisture (f.e. sweat, water). In addition, the 1.2 mm diameter cable that it comes with, uses Aramid strength members and engineered alloys for extreme tensile and flex strength. Lastly, the head-frame can be adjusted to fit different head sizes and the mic boom slides to get the perfect fit.

We offer both dry hire and full production service if required. We aim to provide the best service in the metro Sydney area with our own transport, experienced technicians, and operators. We charge you only for the days the equipment is in use and not for the days it is merely being transported, setup/bumped out. For multiple-day hire, our hire rate is also very competitive.

If you are searching for an earset, take a look at our Earset category!

Additional information

Frequency Response

Omnidirectional: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Directional: 30 Hz to 15 kHz

Operating Current

500 uA

Operating Voltage

1 to 2 Volts

Power Supply Voltage

+3V with 2.7 kOhm load
+5V with 6.8 kOhm load
+9V with 15 kOhm load


Omnidirectional W5 (no band): 7.0 mV/Pascal

Omnidirectional W6 (blue band): 2.0 mV/Pascal

Omnidirectional W7 (purple band): 0.7 mV/Pascal

Directional W5 (no band): 6.0 mV/Pascal

Directional W6 (blue band): 1.9 mV/Pascal

Directional W7 (purple band): 0.6 mV/Pascal

Equivalent Acoustic Noise

W5: 24 dBA

W6: 29 dBA

W7: 39 dBA

Overload Sound Level

Omnidirectional W5: 120 dB SPL

Omnidirectional W6: 130 dBA SPL

Omnidirectional W7: 140 dBA SPL

Directional W5: 125 dBA SPL

Directional W6: 135 dBA SPL

Directional W7: 145 dBA SPL

Cable Length

5 Feet