Product Launch

Product Launch

Highlight Entertainment offers lighting, atmospheric, staging and audio services so that you can pleasantly launch your innovative products. Our team of specialists functions with a combination of significant light fixtures and impressive audio-visuals to attract your attendees’ interest in your products and enrich their experience.

Our goal is to set up product release events that are memorable, plus to give your items the concept they need to stand out; we achieve that simply by working with the most effective tools and experts feasible. Regardless of your event being a large & vibrant reveal or an informative demonstration our company is able to utilise its technical knowledge and inventive designing to display your products. Even the most compact, the most significant, and the most common and bare places can certainly be evolved into a beautiful, inviting and relaxing areas with Highlight’s imaginative services.

Our business uses modern lighting technology that can match your event’s theme and accentuate your products’ features. Our inventory includes the most recent gear in LED lighting fixtures. In addition, our crew’s experience can help you come up with ideas and suggestions that can further elevate your occurrence and make it remarkable.  

Phanto LED PAR uplight product launch
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We can rent out stage decks for your presenters to stand on, so that the audience may watch them effortlessly, and lecterns for them to speak from, especially if they hold papers and/or brochures. Furthermore, we can provide top-notch, and low-profile audio systems with wired or wireless microphones and reliable speakers to make sure that no one in the crowd fails to hear the great features of your items. We also stock LED screens, for you to display your products’ videos and presentations, or to stack them and use them as product backdrops; the choices are yours and they’re endless!

Most importantly, we recognise that the most significant aspect will be to show off your goods in the greatest manner. It could be a typical and subtle spot head to point out an important element, or it might be a full exhibit with powerful moving lights. No matter the expense plan we will find the necessary solution and we’ll make sure that your products are highlighted and your launch affair obtains the attention it should get.

Highlight never complicates things needlessly or allows the practical components to reign over your demonstration and items. We’ll solely work together with you to create a distinctive product release that has tremendous importance and will be appreciated by your guests, promoting your brand-new merchandise.