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Outdoor festivals are an important part of people’s life, when they are looking to spend a fun day out with family. It is also a great way for councils and organizations to promote values and culture exchanges, deliver important messages to the public, as well as connecting local businesses with customers. However, outdoor festivals happen to be a high risk business venture. There are lots to worry about: security & safety, licenses, financial, alcohol/drugs, weather, and even restrooms. 

We can help in making your life easier as event organizers, by providing outdoor staging, rigging, audio, lighting and LED screens, all by qualified & licensed personnel according to our Safe Work Method Statements.

We welcome turn key projects and long term contracts where we can negotiate a mutual beneficial deal with clients so that we are on board, from day one that you start to plan your next outdoor festival or event. We understand that Cost is also on top of your list as a client and we can pledge the most competitive rates in exchange for a longer term contract as your events’ technical service provider. 

Outdoor Staging, Rigging & Cover: 

We currently stock 130 sqm of KKM AD stage deck with height adjustable legs for outdoor use. The KKM AD heavy-duty stage decks are very versatile and can be setup on uneven ground, as well as, on grass. They can be installed in areas not accessible by trucks, and they can be arranged into any shapes, according to the need of each event. The AD stages are rated with 750Kg/sqm and have tongue and groove locking system.

Overhead cover and rigging structure also come first on the list when planning for an outdoor event. Some of our council parks have permanent stage with cover, even with 240 and 3 Phase power, such as Burwood Park. This saves a lot of headache and hard work. In many other cases, we have to setup a temporary stage with cover. Additionally, there is also the option of either hiring a mobile stage truck or build temporary structures using trusses. The advantage of a mobile stage truck is that it takes little effort to get the stage and cover ready once the truck is in place.  Mobile stage trucks may also come with a generator to provide limited power for a relatively smaller gig. When planning to use a mobile truck stage, keep in mind that the location of the stage must be accessible by the truck. 

Outdoor event stage

Truck stage with cover does have the limitation of size, shape and clearance height. If you are looking for a stage that is more flexible, then ground supported truss structure is the right answer for you. 

This kind of system can be custom designed to different sizes and shapes, with much higher clearance and a lot more load capacity for rigging heavy speakers and lighting fixtures. 

We stock TUV certified Eagle Truss in both 290×290mm and 400×400mm sizes for temporary stage rigging structures. The design will come with an engineer certificate and the construction will be performed by licensed riggers.

After having the stage sorted, the next thing comes to mind is naturally, Sound. 

Highlight owns 12 Skytone VS series of line array speakers and 6 powered JBL speakers, plus 4 stage fold back monitors. 16 wireless handheld mics from Shure and Sennheiser, as well as, 12 instrumental microphones by Shure, all driven by a Soundcraft 32Ch digital console. 

Most importantly, our audio engineers have all graduated from SAE with tons of experience on festivals and outdoor audio. Their expertise will ensure a high level of quality sound at your event that artists and the audience will all enjoy.

If your event lasts till the evening or some stage washes and effects during daytime are required, we have a vast inventory of stage lighting and effect machines at your disposal because Highlight Entertainment started as a lighting company. Most commonly used outdoor lighting fixtures include IP rated wash lights, moving heads, audience blinders, strobes, LED pixel bars and panels for background lighting design, and even laser lights to reach out to the crowd. CO2 Jets and confetti launchers are also popular choices to highlight certain moments of the show.

When organising an outdoor event and festival, Outdoor IP rated LED screens are a perfect way to grab the attention of your viewers, for delivering messages to them and in many cases, promotion. Highlight current stock 30sqm of outoor Gloshine LS4.81 screens with Eagle 400x400mm box trusses and Mode chain hoists allowing us to set up these screens not only over the stage but also on different locations of the space. 

Your sponsors will love the big screen since promoting their brand, services and products via a large screen to thousands of potential customers is effective and appealing. 

Most importantly, you want a team of experienced professionals to carry out the planning, bump-in, operating and bumping out. Highlight’s core value lines in our respect of talent. All of our technicians have formal education and training in their fields and share our culture of attention to details, humility, and drive for excellence. All equipment supplied is test-tagged and working with backup in place. Work with high risk is always carried out by licensed personnel, such as riggers and electricians. Structures are always authorised by engineers. A Safe Work Method Statement is prepared to identify potential risks and effectively manage them.  We have an established process of carrying out a production, starting from client meeting, team meeting, concept presentation, quotation, detailed plan (with drawing if needed), technical and logistic planning, bumping in, operating, and bumping out. 

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation of your next outdoor event.

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