Custom Gobo Projection

Custom gobo projections are used in wedding ceremonies, corporate events, and sometimes outdoor advertising and campaigns.

Highlight Entertainment has both spots moving heads and LED gobo projectors for such purposes. While moving heads have their unique advantage being moving heads with color wheels, LED gobo projectors can win hands down when it comes to image quality and weatherproofness. When it comes to projecting multi-colored images, gobo projectors are the only choice because the size of colored gobos won’t fit in a moving head gobo slot. We will take care of the technical side of things when it comes to custom gobo projections and choose the right equipment to achieve the best projection results.

As a wedding planner/stylist trying to create one of the most important memories of your bride and groom’s life, projecting their names or initials with wedding dates to a reception wall or floor can be quite appealing and can help to enhance the theme of the night.

Usually, these can be done using either moving headlights or LED projectors. Gobocraft 60 or 80w LED projectors can be used to project smaller sized images of less than 2 meters in diameter. Moving heads or 120W to 150W projectors may be used to project larger images.

custom gobo projection
Event gobo projection

For corporate, NGO and government events, projecting a large logo/artwork onto a facet of a building helps to draw attention and promote your brand, or deliver your message to an audience or passersby from a distance.

Gobocraft 120W, 150W, and 200W LED projectors are recommended for projecting large logos/messages/artworks from a long distance for the best possible outcome. These projectors have the advantage of being IP65 rated for outdoor use, and they can project multi-colored images. Multiple projectors can work together to map much bigger images if needed.

You’ll inform us of what you want to achieve, and our experienced technicians will work out the best equipment to use, the right lens, and the projection distance required.

Projectors can also be rigged overhead, clear of obstruction, or they can be mounted on ground supported trusses. We can provide you the best rigging solution for the best results.

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